Corona under the Chaos Group umbrella

Corona under the Chaos Group umbrella: By: Ousama Abou-Samra Hadi Alhaffar Who would have anticipated, 10 years ago, that the CG community would become this rich, busy and vibrant world of its own. Today we witness new technologies unravel, and exciting developments on large scales that are important to us as users and have an […]

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XOIO Air – Cut outs

Are you having trouble finding cut outs for your renderings?   Well XOIO Air has a lot of cut outs to offer! They have used greenscreen to get better results. Check out their website for more! Please share and tag #instarender when you use them!  

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Resonance – Echos of Chaos

View this post on Instagram Some cool experimental #180 #dome #projectiomapping #intro Resonance is a generative chaos from the interaction between reaction diffusion and spherical geometries. Stay tuned for more of this project! #instarender @instarender A post shared by INSTARENDER (@instarender) on Jul 19, 2017 at 2:10pm PDT  

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If you’re developing a game for UE4 or Unity, you’re going to have to write your shaders in HLSL if you want to support all platforms. If you’re making a web app or a game with Game Maker Studio, you’ll be writing your code in GLSL ES. There’s also CAD shader languages like Open Shader […]

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Top Architectural Rendering Software for your Next Project

The architectural rendering software you choose for your upcoming project will be key for the final outcome. This kind of tool is highly valuable to create a realistic impression of how your construction is going to be. That same impression will be useful for both designers and final customers. An effective marketing strategy in real […]

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