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By: Ousama Abou-Samra
Hadi Alhaffar

Who would have anticipated, 10 years ago, that the CG community would become this rich, busy and vibrant world of its own. Today we witness new technologies unravel, and exciting developments on large scales that are important to us as users and have an impact on our workflow. Most importantly, we are talking about “Render Legion” the developing company of Corona render, and an official announcement on their website that they will be joining forces with the dominant company in CG renders of our days, “Chaos Group“. Which means that as of right now, each of the company’s respective render engines V-Ray and Corona, will now be under one roof. What does that mean for today’s users of both of these engines? And in what way would that affect your workflow?


This move, as huge and important as it is for Corona, it had nothing but positive outcomes for the newly rising star in the world of CG productions. The development of Corona did not stop nor slow-down nor will it be absorbed for the benefit of the render-giant, V-Ray, at any time in the future. On the contrary, and after 13 months of back and forth between the two companies, the final decision was that both of the render engines will continue to be working side by side, independently, under one roof, with the benefit of mutual support from their respective developing teams. Corona will now benefit from a much larger support and aid from Chaos group‘s long and impressive expertise.


This move was part of Render-Legion‘s intentions to take their render game to the next level, asking what was the next step for their render engine. As they described in their official website, what they were aiming for was 1. More experience in their field and 2. Finance. And while it seems that it was easy to find investors that are willing to finance, it wasn’t easy to have the necessary expertise, shared background and vision to back it up. Up until they found an opening with Chaos Group‘s founders, who share their passion for CG graphics, and has had a similar start, all the way from the bottom, rising to the top, driven by passion, not just by financial numbers.


Today we can already witness some of the impressive results of this move, with the release of Corona 1.7 late 2017. Compatibility between the two engines is still to be expected, the use of V-Ray proxies, materials, and lights in Corona, and vice versa. V-ray is expected to learn from corona’s more simplistic approach, tailored towards a more practical UI, while corona will learn from V-Ray‘s full-control and flexibility that is put at the disposal of the user over any CG aspect. The recent 1.7 Corona release has a 100% speed boost that comes from the integration of V-Ray’s DMC sampler, and V-Ray‘s dome light is being optimized to perform better with the help of the Render Legion team.


Make sure to keep an eye out in the upcoming months for new updates from both companies, as we are all expecting great things for the CG community to unravel, little by little, thanks to this amazing collaboration. If Corona hasn’t caught your attention previously, it most certainly should now!

A little over 3 years ago the-ambitious-outsider blog made a side by side comparison of how V-Ray and Corona would render the exact same scene, and it was already a very impressive comparison that shows several differences. Make sure to check it out over here: 



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