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All You Need to Know About Renaissance Architecture | Instarender

Those who love art and appreciate history know in details the Renaissance architecture. This type of architecture had great relevance during the XV and XVI centuries and was widely influenced by Renaissance, which was a celebrated intellectual period in Europe history.

We can say that thanks to the Renaissance period, the modern society is what it is today. In artistic terms, we got the Renaissance architecture from this humanistic movement, which redefined art during that point in history.

The Gothic architecture that preceded wasn’t highly fundamental during the definition of the Renaissance architecture back then. Instead, this type of architecture took the Classic art as a role model and foundation of the whole concept, which changed the way of construction, including the materials used.

There are key facts you must know about Renaissance architecture.


The Renaissance architecture changed the way constructors and engineers were designing the edifications. The materials used were also changed, representing a turn into innovation and new opportunities.

The Renaissance period was determined by a deep change in the human’s thought and intellect, something reflected in the architecture and other arts. In fact, the whole concept of this innovative form of architecture was based in the Classicism and Humanism, taking the most from the art’s essentials and enhancing them.

Knowing this, we can mention several characteristics from the Renaissance architecture that experts point out as the most relevant.

  • Innovative and Risky Representation of Religion: In the Renaissance architecture and related pieces of art, we can find profane and risky expressions referring to Christianity. The Catholic Church condemned these acts at first, but the progressive expansion of this artistic trend made the religious sectors desist and accept.
  • Nature’s Relevance: Due the importance of religion during the Renaissance, this architecture movement gave huge relevance to nature and all its creation. According to the period’s concept, God created nature as the closest thing to perfection. The inspiration for many Renaissance architecture’s works comes from nature and religion as one single idea.
  • The importance of the Greco-Roman Culture: The same Classicism concept made the Renaissance men to look back in history and care for the elements created by the Greco-Roman culture. This key characteristic made the Renaissance architecture to restlessly search for the beauty of previous ages.
  • Design Transition to Giving Priority to Men: In the works of Gothic architecture, the perspective of big works like cathedrals influenced the people who entered them. Visitors were stimulated to raise their eyes to the ceiling and conceive the whole design in that fashion. This produced reflex was involved with the concept of God and his location above all. Renaissance architecture changed this, making more relevant the space around and making people analyze it at will.

These characteristic, not present in other architecture models, were determinant to define the concept of Renaissance art. The abundant Greco-Roman elements determined the idea and guided many artists during that period, inspired by the great feats of past societies.

The Impact of Renaissance Architecture

Is well known that the Renaissance period started during the XV century in Florence, Italy. The earlier stages of this movement in terms of architecture were starred by Leon Battista Alberti and Filippo Brunelleschi, who were deeply inspired in the Classicism.

Despite its beginnings and Italian relevance, the Renaissance architecture had a deep impact on other societies in Europe. Countries like Spain, France, Germany, Russia and England also used this trend to design many works and buildings back then.

Even in small Eastern European countries, the Renaissance architecture had great impact. According to experts, Renaissance architecture in countries like Hungary has slight differences from the one conceptualized in Italy. The main reasons for this were the distance between the two countries and the clear differences in both societies.

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