360 Renderings

Le Sereno – RAV Bahamas

With Ion Crivenco

With Ion Crivenco

RESONANCE (Instarender)

An experience of a full dome projection in real time. The team had developed the content using projection mapping softwares, and narrated a complex dialogue between different systems.

RESONANCE - Echos of Chaos - Projection Mapping on a Full Dome

This project is an experiment that aims to demonstrate the chaotic nature of conversations between different systems through the interactions between cities. Each city is represented through some of its specific abstract qualities, that are translated into elements and factors, and left to behave naturally and unpredictably in this environment. We paint here an image of generated chaos from the conversation between Damascus, and Miami. Reaction diffusion was randomly chosen to represent Miami; the emerging system that acts as a generative platform that is constantly growing, fertile and open. On the other side, Damascus, a city that had always been about what is sacred and divine, whether it was architecture, places, design, or most importantly geometries and their deep meaning, resulted in a very abstract and subtle representation here. The basic setup for the scene are geometrical elements, spheres floating in space that develop with time through the stages of chaos (order, confusion and harmony) and the process generates new forms by using personal components from the other system such as sound, 2d translation, and depth channels that reflect the characteristics of the two settings, debating their presence. Every beat signals a new state, its constant buzzing is a sign of life, there is no fixed-result because it signals death, and an end to this everlasting conversation.